November 19 is National Adoption Day


Last year, a young woman came in seeking help after she had taken a positive pregnancy test at home. After discovering she was indeed pregnant, she and her advocate reviewed all of her pregnancy options.

Ultimately she made the courageous decision to formulate an adoption plan. We were able to give her referrals to several adoption agencies.

She chose an adoption agency, and a few months later, she felt that God guided her to the perfect parents! Sweet Baby “G” was born on Christmas Day and placed into the loving arms of his adoptive mom and dad, the best gift they’d ever received.

This May, we had the incredible honor of meeting precious Baby “G” and his amazing adoptive mom for the first time, as well as re-connecting with his courageous birth mom! Both Baby “G”’s birth mom and adoptive mom wanted us to share this photo to show what a gift he has been to them!

Stories like this happen because of donors like you…Thank you for allowing God to use you in this ministry.

Idaho Cooking Matters


Thank you to Elizabeth Stratton, Chef Darren Williams, & The Idaho Foodbank for bringing Cooking Matters to PCN! Thanks for your hard work teaching our moms cooking & budgeting skills while encouraging them to have family meals together. Each one of our moms has learned so much and is so grateful to have this amazing opportunity!

Amber’s Story

Amber and Scarlett    Amber and Scarlett    Amber and Scarlett

Being a parent can be an incredible challenge, and being a single parent even more so. Palouse Care Network comes along side parents to help them be the best they can be. Read about Amber’s experience in parenting classes and life coaching at Palouse Care Network.

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God Delivers

CEO Steve Davis shares how God makes Himself evident every day at Palouse Care Network.prayer

Rejoice with us at His faithfulness.

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Sarah’s Story: An Example of Courage

Mother and baby

“Her story is a testament that each and every life, no matter it’s origins, is valuable and beautiful.” Read about Sarah’s incredible story of courage, redemption, and life.

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