Nineteen and Pregnant: Kayla’s Story


Kayla* stared in disbelief at the reading on the home pregnancy test. Positive, just like the other 4. She couldn’t wrap her mind around being pregnant. Kayla was only nineteen. She had plans to go to college, get straight A’s, and apply to medical school. How did a baby fit into that plan? There could be some chance that the tests were wrong. She had to know for sure.

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Amber’s Story

Amber and Scarlett    Amber and Scarlett    Amber and Scarlett

Being a parent can be an incredible challenge, and being a single parent even more so. Palouse Care Network comes along side parents to help them be the best they can be. Read about Amber’s experience in parenting classes and life coaching at Palouse Care Network.

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God Delivers

CEO Steve Davis shares how God makes Himself evident every day at Palouse Care Network.prayer

Rejoice with us at His faithfulness.

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Sarah’s Story: An Example of Courage

Mother and baby

“Her story is a testament that each and every life, no matter it’s origins, is valuable and beautiful.” Read about Sarah’s incredible story of courage, redemption, and life.

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