About Us

We are located at 1515 West A. Street in Moscow ID.
Public Transportation: Moscow Valley Transit: (Green Route, A St. west of Baker)

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Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Family Resource Room Hours:
Monday & Thursday: 10:30am – 4:30pm

If you think you might be pregnant and would like to talk to someone immediately call our
24 Hour Help Line: 1.800.395.HELP (4357)

Palouse Care Network, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit organization which provides free social services and specialized medical care to the Palouse region of Idaho and Washington. We offer medical, practical, and spiritual support to those facing pregnancy, parenting, sexual health and abortion- related issues.

We are sought out by those from every background, ethnicity, and faith community because we have earned the trust of our neighbors by providing excellent, compassionate, respectful care in every area in which we minister.

Our network of community partners and financial, legal, medical and adoption service referrals allows our clients to receive the continued care, support and information they need.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. John Carlson, Board Chair
  • Helen M. Shearer, MD; Medical Director
  • Andrew Flabetich, Treasurer
  • Tammy Lewis, Secretary
  • Edie Mader

Board Members may be contacted at: office@PalouseCareNetwork.com


  • Michelle Ellinwood, CEO
  • Donna Witthuhn, Finance Administrator
  • Ed VanNuland, Development Coordinator
  • Charlene Polek, Office Manager
  • Sophie Kopp, Advocacy Coordinator
  • Heather Thrash, Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator
  • KO Spangler, Client Services Manager
  • Kathleen Richter, Resource Coordinator
  • LeAnn Robertson, RN, Clinic Manager
  • Monica Eggleston, FNP, Clinician
  • Victoria Johnson, Center Assistant
  • Shellie Schemmer, Receptionist